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NTA UGC-NET JUNE 2020 Complete Test Series

Subject Test-1System software and Operating system1502-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-2System software and Operating system1504-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-3Computer System Architecture1506-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-4Computer System Architecture1508-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-5Software Engineering1510-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-6Software Engineering1511-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-7Database Management Systems1513-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-8Database Management Systems1515-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-9Programming and computer Graphics1517-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-10Programming and computer Graphics1519-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-11Data structures and Algorithms1521-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-12Data structures and Algorithms1523-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-13Data Communication and Computer Networks1525-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-14Data Communication and Computer Networks1526-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-15TOC and compilers1527-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-16TOC and compilers1528-Feb-202120 min30
Subject Test-17Discrete mathematics and optimization1502-Mar-202120 min30
Subject Test-18Discrete mathematics and optimization1504-Mar-202120 min30
Subject Test-19Artificial Intelligence1506-Mar-202120 min30
Subject Test-20Artificial Intelligence1508-Mar-202120 min30
Subject Test-21Paper-1 Complete Syllabus5014-Mar-202160 min100
Subject Test-22Paper-1 Complete Syllabus5019-Mar-202160 min100
Subject Test-23Paper-1 Complete Syllabus5024-Mar-202160 min100
Subject Test-24Paper-1 Complete Syllabus5029-Mar-202160 min100
Grand Test-1Paper-1 & 2 Complete Syllabus15002-Apr-2021180 min300
Grand Test-2Paper-1 & 2 Complete Syllabus15008-Apr-2021180 min300
Grand Test-3Paper-1 & 2 Complete Syllabus15014-Apr-2021180 min300
Mock Test-1Paper-1 & 2 Complete Syllabus15020-Apr-2021180 min300
Mock Test-2Paper-1 & 2 Complete Syllabus15026-Apr-2021180 min300
Mock Test-3Paper-1 & 2 Complete Syllabus15030-Apr-2021180 min300
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