Question 1
Which of the following is a valid reason for causing degeneracy in a transportation problem ?
Here m is no. of rows and n is no. of columns in transportation table
When the number of allocations is m+n−1.
When two or more occupied cells become unoccupied simultaneously.
When the number of allocations is less than m+n−1.
When a loop cannot be drawn without using unoccupied cells, except the starting cell of the loop.
       LPP       Transportation-Problem       UGC NET CS 2017 Nov- paper-3
Question 2
With respect to a loop in the transportation table, which one of the following is not correct?
Every loop has an odd no. of cells and at least 5.
Closed loops may or may not be square in shape.
All the cells in the loop that have a plus or minus sign, except the starting cell, must be occupied cells.
Every loop has an even no. of cells and at least four.
       LPP       Transportation-Problem       UGC NET CS 2017 Jan- paper-3
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