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P & DS Topic Test – 1Arrays – 1D, 2D, multidimensional, row and column major orders, C programming: Functions, recursion, scope of variablesSaturday, May 01, 20211545min25
P & DS Topic Test – 2Stacks, Queues, prefix-postfix conversion, towers of hanoi, postfix evaluationMonday, May 03, 20211545min25
P & DS Topic Test – 3Pointers, function pointers, Structures, Unions, Linked listWednesday, May 05, 20211545min25
P & DS Topic Test – 4Trees, Binary search trees, Binary Heaps, GraphsFriday, May 07, 20211545min25
P & DS Subject TestProgramming and Data Structures Complete SyllabusSunday, May 09, 20213390min50
Algorithms Topic Test – 1Asymptotic worst case time and space complexityTuesday, May 11, 20211545min25
Algorithms Topic Test – 2Searching, Hashing, Sorting, Divide & ConquerThursday, May 13, 20211545min25
Algorithms Topic Test – 3Greedy Algorithms and Minimum spanning treesSaturday, May 15, 20211545min25
Algorithms Topic Test – 4Dynamic programming, Graph Traversals, Shortest pathsMonday, May 17, 20211545min25
Algorithms Subject TestAlgorithms Complete SyllabusWednesday, May 19, 20213390min50
TOC Topic Test – 1DFA, NFA, conversion of NFA to DFA, Moore and Mealey machinesFriday, May 21, 20211545min25
TOC Topic Test – 2Regular Expressions and Conversions, Finding whether a given grammar is Regular, Pumping LemmaSunday, May 23, 20211545min25
TOC Topic Test – 3Grammars and Chomsky hierarchy, CNF and GNF, Context free languages and push down automata, pumping lemma for CFLs, Turing machines, context sensitive languages,Tuesday, May 25, 20211545min25
TOC Topic Test – 4Recursive and recursively enumerable languages, Closure properties of all languages, UndecidabilityThursday, May 27, 20211545min25
TOC Subject TestTheory of Computation Complete SyllabusSaturday, May 29, 20213390min50
CD Topic Test – 1Stages in compilers, ambiguity, Lexical Analysis, Parsing – I (Recursive Descent, operator precedence, LL(1))Monday, May 31, 20211545min25
CD Topic Test – 2Parsing – II (LR(0), SLR, CLR, LALR), Syntax Directed Translation, Intermediate Code GenerationWednesday, June 02, 20211545min25
CD Topic Test – 3Run Time Environment, Local optimisation, Data flow analyses: constant propagation, liveness analysis, common subexpression
Friday, June 04, 20211545min25
CD Subject TestCompiler Design Complete SyllabusSunday, June 06, 20213390min50
DB Topic Test – 1ER Model and Relational Database Model, Conversion of ER Model to Relational data base model, Normalisation I ( Intro to FD’s , Determining candidate keys, Equivalence of FD’s, FD preserving, lossless decomposition, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF)Tuesday, June 08, 20211545min25
DB Topic Test – 2Relational Algebra I (Selection, Projection, Renaming, Joins, Division, set operations, Cartesian product, Tuple Relational Calculus, Domain Relational Calculus)Thursday, June 10, 20211545min25
DB Topic Test – 3SQLSaturday, June 12, 20211545min25
DB Topic Test – 4Transactions, Serializability, Locking – 2PL, Timestamp protocol, Thomas write rule, Graph based protocol. File Structures – Indexing, B and B+ trees – insertion, deletion.Monday, June 14, 20211545min25
DB Subject TestDatabases Complete SyllabusWednesday, June 16, 20213390min50
OS Topic Test – 1System calls, Processes – States, PCB, Schedulers, Threads and System calls, CPU scheduling – FCFS, SJFS, priority scheduling, Round robin, multi level queue scheduling, multilevel feedback queue schedulingFriday, June 18, 20211545min25
OS Topic Test – 2Process synchronization – race conditions, critical sections, peterson’s solution, Test and set locks, Semaphores, Dead locks, Starvation, Priority InversionSunday, June 20, 20211545min25
OS Topic Test – 3Memory Management – address binding, logical vs physical addressing, Dynamic loading and linking, swapping, memory allocation, fragmentation, segmentation and pagingTuesday, June 22, 20211545min25
OS Topic Test – 4Virtual memory – Demand paging, page replacement algorithms, Thrashing and File SystemsThursday, June 24, 20211545min25
OS Subject TestOperating Systems Complete SyllabusSaturday, June 26, 20213390min50
CN Topic Test – 1Classification of addresses, Subnetting, SupernettingMonday, June 28, 20211545min25
CN Topic Test – 2ISO/OSI stack, applications of each layer, bridges, routers, gateways, Flow Control Methods – Stop wait, Go back N, SR; Access control – TDM, Polling; CSMA/CD, Exponential Back off algorithm, Transmission, propagation delays etc, CRC, Aloha technologies, Framing, bit stuffing, ethernetWednesday, June 30, 20211545min25
CN Topic Test – 3TCP, UDP , Sockets, error control algorithms, Congestion control algorithms, Switching networks, Basics of IP support protocols (ARP, DHCP, ICMP), fragmentation and reassemblyFriday, July 02, 20211545min25
CN Topic Test – 4Routing Algorithms, Application layer protocols – DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, Email and Network Address Translation (NAT)Sunday, July 04, 20211545min25
CN Subject TestComputer Networks Complete SyllabusTuesday, July 06, 20213390min50
EM Topic Test – 1Propositional and first order logic; Sets, Relations, Functions, Partial Order, Lattices and GroupsThursday, July 08, 20211545min25
EM Topic Test – 2Graphs: Connectivity, Matching, Coloring, Combinatorics: Counting, Recurrence Relations, Generating FunctionsSaturday, July 10, 20211545min25
EM Topic Test – 3Linear Algebra: Matrices , Determinants, System of Linear Equations, Eigen values and Eigen vectors, LU DecompositionMonday, July 12, 20211545min25
EM Topic Test – 4Calculus: Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Maxima and Minima, Mean Value Theorem, IntegrationWednesday, July 14, 20211545min25
EM Topic Test – 5Probability: Random Variables, Uniform, Normal, Exponential, Poisson and Binomial Distributions, Conditional probability, Bayes theorem. Mean, Median, Mode and Standard Deviation.Friday, July 16, 20211545min25
EM Subject TestEngineering Mathematics Complete SyllabusSunday, July 18, 20213390min50
DLD Topic Test – 1Logic functions, MinimizationTuesday, July 20, 20211545min25
DLD Topic Test – 2Design and Synthesis of Combinational circuitsThursday, July 22, 20211545min25
DLD Topic Test – 3Sequential Circuits, Number representations and computer
arithmetic (fixed and floating point).
Saturday, July 24, 20211545min25
DLD Subject TestDigital Logic Complete SyllabusMonday, July 26, 20213390min50
CO Topic Test – 1Memory Interfacing, Hierarchy, Cache block replacement policies, Cache Mapping techniques – Direct mapping, associative, and set associative mappingWednesday, July 28, 20211545min25
CO Topic Test – 2Machine Instructions and Addressing Modes, ALU, data path, control unit – Instruction cycle, interrupt driven IO, Hardwired control Unit, PipeliningFriday, July 30, 20211545min25
CO Topic Test – 3Secondary Memory, IO Interface, Micro programmed Control UnitSunday, August 01, 20211545min25
CO Subject TestComputer Organization Complete SyllabusTuesday, August 03, 20213390min50
AptitudeAptitude Test – 1:   Verbal Aptitude: Basic English grammar: tenses, articles, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, verb-noun agreement, and other
parts of speech
Basic vocabulary: words, idioms, and phrases in context
Reading and comprehension
Narrative sequencing
Thursday, August 05, 20211545min25
Aptitude Test – 2:   Quantitative Aptitude
Data interpretation: data graphs (bar graphs, pie charts, and other graphs representing data), 2- and 3-dimensional
plots, maps, and tables
Numerical computation and estimation: ratios, percentages, powers, exponents and logarithms, permutations and
combinations, and series
Mensuration and geometry
Elementary statistics and probability
Saturday, August 07, 20211545min25
Aptitude Test – 3:   Analytical Aptitude
Logic: deduction and induction
Numerical relations and reasoning
Monday, August 09, 20211545min25
Aptitude Test – 4   Spatial Aptitude
Transformation of shapes: translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, assembling, and grouping
Paper folding, cutting, and patterns in 2 and 3 dimensions
Wednesday, August 11, 20211545min25
Aptitude Test Spatial – 5:   Verbal Aptitude and Quantitative AptitudeFriday, August 13, 20211545min25
Aptitude Test Spatial– 6:   Analytical Aptitude and Spatial AptitudeSunday, August 15, 20211545min25
Aptitude Test Complete SyllabusTuesday, August 17, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Tests
Multi Subject Test – 1Theory of Computation, Compiler DesignFriday, August 20, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Test – 2Operating Systems, DatabasesMonday, August 23, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Test – 3Programming and Data Structures, AlgorithmsThursday, August 26, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Test – 4Digital Logic, Computer OrganizationSunday, August 29, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Test – 5Computer Networks, Engineering MathematicsWednesday, September 01, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Test – 6Theory of Computation, Compiler Design, Operating Systems, Digital LogicSaturday, October 01, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Test – 7Databases, Programming and Data Structures, Algorithms, General AptitudeTuesday, October 04, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Test – 8Engineering Mathematics, Computer Networks, Computer OrganizationFriday, October 07, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Test – 9Theory of Computation, Compiler Design, Algorithms, Programming & Data Structures, Engineering Mathematics, Operating SystemsMonday, October 10, 20213390min50
Multi Subject Test – 10Databases, Computer Networks, Digital Logic, Computer Organization and Architecture, General AptitudeThursday, October 14, 20213390min50
Grand Tests
Grand TestsGrand Test – 1Sunday, October 17, 202165180min100
Grand Test – 2Sunday, October 24, 202165180min100
Grand Test – 3Sunday, October 31, 202165180min100
Grand Test – 4Sunday, November 07, 202165180min100
Grand Test – 5Sunday, November 14, 202165180min100
Grand Test – 6Sunday, November 21, 202165180min100
Grand Test – 7Sunday, November 28, 202165180min100
Grand Test – 8Sunday, December 05, 202165180min100
Grand Test – 9Sunday, December 12, 202165180min100
Grand Test – 10Sunday, December 19, 202165180min100
Mock Tests
Mock TestsMock GATE Test – 1Sunday, December 26, 202165180min100
Mock GATE Test – 2Sunday, January 02, 202165180min100
Mock GATE Test – 3Sunday, January 09, 202165180min100
Mock GATE Test – 4Sunday, January 16, 202165180min100
Mock GATE Test – 5Monday, January 24, 202265180min100