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GATE CS 2023GATE CS 2023GATE CS 2023Update Soon
GATE CS 2022GATE CS 2022GATE CS 2022Update Soon
GATE CS 2021 SET-1GATE CS 2021 SET-1GATE CS 2021 SET-1Complete analysis
GATE CS 2021 SET-2GATE CS 2021 SET-2GATE CS 2021 SET-2General Aptitude
GATE CS 2020GATE CS 2020GATE CS 2020Database Management System
GATE CS 2019GATE CS 2019GATE CS 2019Digital logic Design
GATE CS 2018GATE CS 2018GATE CS 2018Engineering Mathematics
GATE CS 2017 Set-1GATE CS 2017 SET-1GATE CS 2017 Set-1Algorithm
GATE CS 2017 Set-2GATE CS 2017 SET-2GATE CS 2017 Set-2C-Programming
GATE CS 2016 Set-1GATE CS 2016 SET-1GATE CS 2016 Set-1Data Structures
GATE CS 2016 Set-2GATE CS 2016 SET-2GATE CS 2016 Set-2Computer Networks
GATE CS 2015 Set-1GATE CS 2015 Set-1GATE CS 2015 Set-1Operating System
GATE CS 2015 Set-2GATE CS 2015 Set-2GATE CS 2015 Set-2Computer Organisation
GATE CS 2015 Set-3GATE CS 2015 Set-3GATE CS 2015 Set-3Theory Of Computation
GATE CS 2014 Set-1GATE CS 2014 Set-1GATE CS 2014 Set-1Compiler Design
GATE CS 2014 Set-2GATE CS 2014 Set-2GATE CS 2014 Set-2Software Engineering
GATE CS 2014 Set-3GATE CS 2014 Set-3GATE CS 2014 Set-3Update Soon
GATE CS 2013GATE CS 2013GATE CS 2013Update Soon
GATE CS 2012GATE CS 2012GATE CS 2012Update Soon
GATE CS 2011GATE CS 2011GATE CS 2011Update Soon
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GATE IT 2008GATE IT 2008GATE IT 2008Update Soon
GATE CS 2007GATE CS 2007GATE CS 2007Update Soon
GATE IT 2007GATE IT 2007GATE IT 2007Update Soon
GATE CS 2006GATE CS 2006GATE CS 2006Update Soon
GATE IT 2006GATE IT 2006GATE IT 2006Update Soon
GATE CS 2005GATE CS 2005GATE CS 2005Update Soon
GATE IT 2005GATE IT 2005GATE IT 2005Update Soon
GATE CS 2004GATE CS 2004GATE CS 2004Update Soon
GATE IT 2004GATE IT 2004GATE IT 2004Update Soon
GATE CS 2003GATE CS 2003GATE CS 2003Update Soon
GATE CS 2002GATE CS 2002GATE CS 2002Update Soon
GATE CS 2001GATE CS 2001GATE CS 2001Update Soon
GATE CS 2000GATE CS 2000GATE CS 2000Update Soon
GATE CS 1999GATE CS 1999GATE CS 1999Update Soon
GATE CS 1998GATE CS 1998GATE CS 1998Update Soon
GATE CS 1997GATE CS 1997GATE CS 1997Update Soon
GATE CS 1996GATE CS 1996GATE CS 1996Update Soon
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