JT(IT) 2018 PART-A General Aptitude

Question 1

Who among the following devised the ryotwari system during the british rule in india?

Lord Dalhousie
Warren Hastings
Lord Minto
Capt. Alexander read
Question 1 Explanation: 
The Ryotwari system was a land tenure system in British India, introduced by Sir Thomas Munro in 1820 based on system administered by Captain Alexander Read in the Baramahal district. It allowed the government to deal directly with the peasant (ryot) for revenue collection, and gave the peasant freedom to give up or acquire new land for cultivation. The peasant was assessed for only the lands he was cultivating.
Question 2

In which of the following states is the tuluni festival celebrated?

Arunachal pradesh
Question 2 Explanation: 
The Tuluni Festival of Nagaland is commended around the second seven day stretch of the long stretch of July.The most noteworthy celebration celebrated by the Sumi Naga clan of Nagaland is the Tuluni Festival. This celebration is commended to cheer the most bounteous and productive period of the year in Nagaland. The Sumi clan in Nagaland praises the Tuluni Festival with magnificence and greatness.
Amid the Tuluni Festival there are petitions and contributions that are given to Litsaba, who is the god of productivity who gives life and insurance to the crops. During the Tuluni Festival in Nagaland , a flagon is made with the leaf of plantain, to serve the rice lager. Tuluni is the name of this wine is devoured by the Sumi clan. "anni' is another name for 'Tuluni' which means the period of plenteous harvests.
Question 3

Among the various electrical safety device in the options, the one based on the heating effect of electric current is the:

protective relay
circuit breaker
surge protectors
Question 3 Explanation: 
A fuse is an electrical safety device that operates to provide overcurrent protection of an electrical circuit. Its essential component is a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current flows through it, thereby interrupting the current. It is a sacrificial device; once a fuse has operated it is an open circuit, and it must be replaced or rewired, depending on type.
Question 4

Article 45 of the constitution of india provides provision for early childhood care and education to children below the age of:

6 years
9 years
12 years
10 years
Question 4 Explanation: 
Article 45 shall stand Substituted by Constitution (Eighty Sixth Amendment) Act, 2002, s. 3 (which is yet not in force, date to be notified later on) as --
"45 . Provision for early childhood care and education to children below the age of six years -- The State shall endeavour to provide early childhood care and education for all children until they complete the age of six years."
Question 5

Article 26 of the constitution of india deals with:

validation of certain acts and regulations
equality of opportunity in matters of public employment
freedom to manage religious affairs
prohibition of trafficking in human beings
Question 5 Explanation: 
Freedom to manage religious affairs Subject to public order, morality and health, every religious denomination or any section thereof shall have the right
(a) to establish and maintain institutions for religious and charitable purposes
(b) to manage its own affairs in matters of religion
(c) to own and acquire movable and immovable property
(d) to administer such property in accordance with law
Question 6

Which team won the ICC world twenty20 2016(Men's) tournament?

West Indies
South africa
Question 6 Explanation: 
England and the West Indies were both contesting the tournament final for a second time, having won one previous tournament each (in 2010 and 2012, respectively). West Indian captain Darren Sammy won the toss and elected to bowl, as he had done throughout the tournament. England posted a total of 155/9 from their 20 overs, with Joe Root top-scoring with 54 runs from 36 balls. For the West Indies, Carlos Brathwaite took 3/23 and Samuel Badree took 2/16, including a maiden. The West Indies subsequently reached their target with just two balls to spare. They required 19 runs from the final over, bowled by Ben Stokes, which Brathwaite reached by hitting four consecutive sixes. Marlon Samuels scored 85 not out from 66 balls – the highest score in World T20 final history – and was named the final Man of the Match for the second time. The match was played to a near-capacity crowd, with 66,000 people in attendance.
1. West Indies won the toss and elected to field.
2. Marlon Samuels (WI) made the highest score in a World T20 final.
3. West Indies became the first team to win both the men's and women's World Twenty20s on the same day, with the women defeating Australia by 8 wickets.
Question 7

The asian development bank(ADB) has approved a USD 346 million loan for road improvements in which of the following states?

Question 7 Explanation: 
India on Thursday signed a $346 million loan agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance improvement of over 400 km of state highways that will enhance connectivity and access to economic centres across 12 districts in Karnataka.
This would be in addition to an ongoing road improvement project financed by the ADB with a loan of $315 million which involves upgradation of about 615 km of state roads.
The loan agreement for the Karnataka State Highways Improvement III Project (KSHIP-III) was signed between Sameer Kumar Khare, Joint Secretary in the Finance Ministry and Kenichi Yokoyama, Country Director of ADB’s India Resident Mission.
Kenichi Yokoyama said the new loan will continue ADB support to the Karnataka government's statewide road improvement programme, and will also help improve road safety.
Question 8

In which country was the ninth edition of the mountain echoes literature festival held in august 2018?

Sri lanka
Question 8 Explanation: 
Bhutan Mountain Echoes Literary Festival definitely holds an important position among all Bhutan festivals. 2018 ninth edition of the literary festival, and the organiser has already announced the names of guests who are coming in to the festival. The festival is set to be held from August 23 to 25, 2018.
Question 9

______ can produce a virtual image larger than the object

Concave lens
Concave mirror
Convex mirror
Plane mirror
Question 9 Explanation: 
A converging lens (one that is thicker in the middle than at the edges) or a concave mirror is also capable of producing a virtual image if the object is within the focal length. Such an image will be magnified. In contrast, an object placed in front of a converging lens or concave mirror at a position beyond the focal length produces a real image. Such an image may be magnified or reduced depending on the position of the object.
There are 9 questions to complete.

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