BITS M.E 2022 Part-I and Part-II Syllabus .     Take 1 Free Test Here 
PART-I General Aptitude Paper
Subject Test-1Core mathematics155-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-2Core mathematics157-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-3Logical Reasoning159-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-4Logical Reasoning1511-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-5Core mathematics + Logical Reasoning1513-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-6English Language Skills1515-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-7English Language Skills1517-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-8English Language Skills1519-May-202228 min15
PART-II Computer Science Subject Paper
Subject Test-9Discrete Mathematics1521-May-202228 min30
Subject Test-10Compiler Constructions1523-May-202228 min30
Subject Test-11Theory of Computation1525-May-202228 min30
Subject Test-12Data Structures & Algorithms1527-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-13Design of Analysis of Algorithms1529-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-14Digital Electronics & Micro Processors1531-May-202228 min15
Subject Test-15Computer Organisation & Architecture 152-June-202228 min15
Subject Test-16Database Management Systems154-June-202228 min15
Subject Test-17Computer Networks156-June-202228 min15
Subject Test-18Operating System158-June-202228 min15
Grand Test-1Complete Syllabus [ PART-I and PART-II ]10010-June-2022150 min100
Grand Test-2Complete Syllabus [ PART-I and PART-II ]10013-June-2022150 min100
Mock Test-1Complete Syllabus [ PART-I and PART-II ]10016-June-2022150 min100
Mock Test-2Complete Syllabus [ PART-I and PART-II ]10020-June-2022150 min100