Question 1

The above synchronous sequential circuit built using JK flip-flops is initialized with Q2Q1Q0 = 000. The state sequence for this circuit for the next 3 clock cycles is

001, 010, 011
111, 110, 101
100, 110, 111
100, 011, 001
       Digital-Logic-Design       Flip-Flops       GATE 2014 [Set-3]
Question 1 Explanation: 
Question 2

The number of flip-flops required to construct a binary modulo N counter is __________.

⌈log2 N⌉
       Digital-Logic-Design       Flip-Flops       GATE 1994
Question 2 Explanation: 
For mod-N counter we need ⌈log2 N⌉ flip flops.
Question 3

Find the contents of the flip-flop Q2, Q1 and Q0 in the circuit of figure, after giving four clock pulses to the clock terminal. Assume Q2Q1Q0 = 000 initially.

Theory Explanation.
       Digital-Logic-Design       Flip-flops       GATE 1994
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