Question 1
In doing action research what is the usual sequence of steps?
Reflect, observe, plan, act
Plan, act, observe, reflect
Plan, reflect, observe, act
Act, observe, plan, reflect
       Research Aptitude       Nature-of-Research-Strategy       2017 January NTA UGC NET Paper 1
Question 2
Which of the sets of activities best indicate the cyclic nature of action research strategy ?
Reflect, Observe, Plan, Act
Observe, Act, Reflect, Plan
Act, Plan, Observe, Reflect
Plan, Act, Observe, Reflect
       Research Aptitude       Nature-of-Research-Strategy       UGC-NET CS 2018 JUNE Paper-1
Question 2 Explanation: 
Action research strategy is carried out in the following order :
Plan : ​ Plan to improve what is already happening. It involves forward looking.
Planning recognize real constraints of the situation.
Act :​ The Act of implementing the Plan.
Guided but not controlled by plan.
Struggle towards improvement.
Observe :​ to observe the effects of action in the context in which it occurs
Reflect : ​ To reflect on these effects as a basis for further planning, subsequent action and so on, through a succession of cycles
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