Question 1

Given the following Pascal-like program segment

Procedure A;
  x,y: integer;
   Procedure B;
    x,z: real
   end B;
   Procedure C;
      i: integer;
   end C;
end A; 

The variables accessible in S1 and S2 are

x or A, y, x of B and z in S1 and
x of B, y and i in S2
x or B, y and z in S1 and
x of B, i and z in S2
x or B, z and y in S1 and
x of A, i and y in S2
None of the above
       Programming       PASCAL-Programming       GATE 1997
Question 1 Explanation: 
Note: Out of syllabus.
There is 1 question to complete.

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