August 10, 2023


Question 1 If there are ‘n’ number of states in NFA, then its equivalent DFA may contain atmost ________ number of states. A 2n B n […]
August 11, 2023

GATE 2023

Question 14 Consider the Deterministic Finite-state Automaton (DFA) A shown below. The DFA runs on the alphabet {0, 1}, and has the set of states {s, […]
August 11, 2023


Question 3 A binary string is a sequence of 0’s and 1’s. A binary string is finite if the sequence is finite, otherwise it is infinite. […]
August 22, 2023

GATE 2021 CS-Set-2

Question 13  For a string w, we define wR to be the reverse of w. For example, if w = 01101 then wR= 10110. Which of […]
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