Engineering Mathematics & Discrete Mathematics
Easy Medium Difficult
2016 1.Discrete variate 2.Poisson distribution 3.Binomial distribution 4.Mean basics 5.Density of uniform distribution 6.Exponential distribution 7.algebraic sum of the deviations 8.mean, mode and median 9.root mean square deviation 10.Asymptote 11.Parallel lines of a determinant 12.spanning tree 13.Rank of nonsingular square matrix of order 14.Newton’s Raphson 15.Proposition 16.Turning points 17.Polynomial 18.Bounded Lattice
2018 1. Tautology 2. Newton Raphson 3. Collinear 4. planar graph(2) 5. area bounded by the parabola 6. reflexive relations 7. Mean 8. Sets 9. rank of the matrix 10. cut set of a connected euler graph 11. Probability(3) 12. Polynomials 13. logical translation 14. bisection method 15. chromatic number 16. graph theory(2) 17. LU decomposition 18. Lattice 19. Newton raphson/simpson/runge kutta/gauss 20. logically equivalent 1.Identity matrix