• Suvasish Dutta
    DRDO Scientist-B 2020
    My name is Suvasish Dutta. I have completed my B.Tech in CSE from Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology, Kolkata in 2019 with an overall CGPA of 9.18. I had also secured AIR 226 in GATE 2019. Also I have appeared in the exam conducted by DRDO, Ministry of Defence for recruitment of SCIENTIST B (Advt 136) in 2019 and succeeded with flying colours. Last but not the least, I have got the appointment as SCIENTIST B in DRDO. I want to highlight that the SOLUTIONSADDA team (Nemalikanti Anand sir and others) have played an important role in my success. Each and every initiative of solutionsadda were very helpful to me. The test series conducted by solutionsadda are excellent. There are topic wise tests, subject tests for each subject and also full length tests. Any aspirant will get a good flavor of questions and will get to know wonderful concepts if he/she enrolls in test series conducted by solutionsadda. Another major aspect of solutionsadda is their one-to-one interaction with every aspirant. Whenever I faced any difficulty in any subject, I always got my doubts cleared from Nemalikanti Anand sir and team. Solutionsadda also conducts mock interviews for exams. I gained a wonderful experience from these mock interviews which cannot be expressed in words. Finally, I could not achieve this without solutionsadda. My dreams have come true because of God’s mercy upon me, my parents’ constant support and their strong belief in me, solutionsadda team and lastly doing hard work and having dedication and consistency in studies. Thank you!
    Suvasish Dutta
  • Raj Nandini
    DRDO Scientist-B 2020
    Testimonial: I secured AIR 312(65.33 marks) in GATE 2020 CS Paper and also selected as Scientist B in DRDO through GATE and a descriptive exam. Apart from that I selected for BIS(Beauru of Indian Standards) post - Scientists B(My waiting got confirmed), OMPL( Subsidiary of ONGC and MRPL) post - Engineer(IT), Punjab & Sind Bank post-Software Developer and CRIS post -Assistant Software Engineer(My waiting got confirmed). I want to thank Ravindra Sir as I started my journey after watching his videos only. Solutionsadda is very useful for preparations as you can find previous year questions of different exams on one site and you can also go with the test series available. I am a 2016 batch pass out from a college(UCET VBU HAZARIBAG) with zero placements and we were the 4th batch of our college. After many struggles, I got a job at MNC (Cognizant Tech. Sol., CTS) from the off-campus drive which was also a dream at that time. GATE 2019 was my first attempt in GATE after preparation, as before that I didn’t have the courage and confidence to prepare for the GATE exam. While working in CTS I was suffering through the same problems that Ravindra sir addressed in his general videos like low salary, lack of satisfaction, etc. The solution to all the problems was GATE only. GATE provides an opportunity for all the students who have completed their graduation from a normal engineering college to live a great life. By only watching his videos I was able to build confidence and started my journey, which ended after my selection in DRDO, GATE and different exams. I seriously started my preparation from June 2018 and as it had been 2 years since I graduated, I lost my connection with all the subjects. But Ravindra sir's way of teaching helped me a lot. At that time, I was working at a Central govt. Organization on a contract basis. His teaching helped me connect all the dots which I was unable to do at the time of my graduation. I had referred to textbooks of all subjects during my graduation but I was unable to understand them completely. Maybe some students can prepare by referring to textbooks only but it will take a significant amount of time. For a person having a job like me, it won’t be easy to prepare for GATE and for subjects like COA, Computer Network, Operating System, etc. , as you need some guidance to clear the concepts of complex topics. Ravindra sir’s way of teaching is awesome, he will make you fall in love with the subjects. Maybe you can get the content from different books, online resources, etc., but his way of teaching is unique which will help to make difficult things easy and that is the reason why we need a teacher. After watching lectures you can read books to clear concepts more. I never thought that I would ever be able to clear DRDO but yes, I did it. I lost 5.33 marks in GATE 2020 by doing some silly mistakes in basic formulae and division in aptitude section as I was not able to revise aptitude because I had exams and interviews in the last two months and my DRDO interview was also scheduled in Delhi 2 days prior to the GATE exam which was not in my GATE preparation plan, but I am happy for my DRDO result. I would suggest you all to take Ravindra Sir’s Course as his way of teaching is awesome and you won’t regret after taking this. His motivational videos are also very good and help you keep going. I don’t know how many times I had watched those videos and never missed any. Work harder, give your best and one day you will surely get what you want. All the very best :)
    Raj Nandini
  • Kunal Sharma
    BIS Scientist-B 2020
    I am extremely thankful to SolutionsAdda for their comprehensive support to all Computer Science students.It is only because of their peerless compilation of previous year questions and quality test series I have managed to crack multiple competitive exams like GATE,ISRO and Coal India.The entire team of SolutionsAdda also conducted mock interviews for Scientist-B,Bureau of Indian Standards and fortunately I got selected for the same.It could not have been possible without them.I am extremely grateful to Anand Sir,Ravindra Sir and entire team of SolutionsAdda. Thanks a lot for the paramount effort you do for us! :)
    Kunal Sharma
  • Mohit Yadav
    BIS Scientist-B 2020
    I thought of preparing for GATE after my college when I was doing a full time job. So offline coaching was not an option for me, then I came across rbr online course for GATE. I took the course and started preparing for GATE.
    Videos are very well explained and covers most of the syllabus so I didn't refer to any standard book. Yeah but I don't recommend not to refer to books if anyone is having sufficient time he/she can refer.
    While watching videos I took screenshots and prepared short notes. Once I completed all the videos, I started revision with my notes and started doing questions from solutionadda ,gateoverflow and coaching workbooks(which I took from my friend). I followed a defined time table of revision and completed my revision 15 days before my exam. Then appeared for the exam and got a decent rank 294 and gate score 783.
    In July I got to know that I got shortlisted for a BIS interview. That was surprising because I had no hopes of being selected. Then solutionsadda contacted me and provided me with some interview questions which I can prepare . Gave the the interview and it went okay and I got selected. It was a good feeling . Now I want to do something more with my life so I'm thinking of going for MS next year.
    Mohit Yadav
  • Chaitanya KVNL
    BIS Scientist-B 2020
    My testimonial:
    My position before
    My failures
    17 backlogs in Btech
    Failed OS 2 times
    Failed TOC 2 times
    Failed Data structures and algorithms 2 times
    Failed Digital logics 1 time
    Failed Computer Networks 1 time
    Failed Probability and statistics 1 time
    Failed Algorithms 1 time
    Unable to clear first round in atmost all companies.
    Didn't got selected for descriptive exam with 2019 GATE score
    Didn't performed well in ISRO exam and didn't got selected for ISRO interview in 2020
    After started learning from basics freshly with the help of Ravi sir's login
    3135 rank and 40 marks in GATE 2018
    738 rank and 61.67 marks in GATE 2019
    Got AIR 70 and 73 marks in GATE 2020
    Got BIS scientist B with GATE 2020 score
    Things learned from my preparation
    1.Revision is the key to make revision as a daily habit.
    2.Slow and steady+Perfection+Consistency+Don't give up+Flow of concepts+Learning from mistakes(that I have made in questions)+Practice (taking every question as a challenge) are the key to success.
    My journey......
    I am Chaitanya.Exactly before 3 years I was having 7 backlogs and some tough subjects and tough times.At that time I thought that it will be difficult for me even to complete Btech within time. I have taken the help of Ravi sir's YouTube videos initially to clear my backlogs. I have got the passion to do the GATE previous questions on those topics. After solving those questions I used to get confidence at that time that I can even GATE questions in a subject even if I get backlog in that subject. Slowly I have cleared the backlogs and got eligible for placements. Use to reject in many placements in the first round itself. I took Ravi sir's GATE login at that time thinking that if I didn't get any job at least I can try for NITs. Slowly learnt programming got good clarity on many basics after listening to those programming,data structures videos.Got selected for TCS job at that time and cleared the TCS interview with the help of the knowledge in IP addressing,Data structures,... which I have got through Ravi sir's videos. Felt very happy at that time. I have stopped attending for other placements thinking that I have got a job even after I had many backlogs. I have slowly prepared for GATE after that semester. My aim at that time is to clear the comprehensive exam in my college which I thought that it will be very tough for me to clear,but if we qualify in GATE no need to write that exam. Went to the library after a long time and used to prepare programming,data structures,some of the known topics in TOC,OS,CN,Maths,....... I have completed only 30-35% of syllabus other than Aptitude but scored 40 marks and got 3135 rank in GATE 2018. Later I stopped preparing for GATE and focused on clearing a degree in the last semester.
    Finally my Btech got completed. Again I have been preparing for GATE.Went to TCS and managed GATE and job. Completed some more syllabus and revised and gave an attempt. Finally I got 738 rank in GATE 2019. This time I got more confidence. I have resigned from TCS in August 2019. Seriously started freshly preparing for GATE from October 2019.
    I have forgotten many things which I have prepared before. My dream is to go to DRDO upto that time. I am thinking of only the extra syllabus in DRDO but not on GATE but that time I have realised that I shouldn't take GATE for granted. Again I have started preparation freshly. I have studied the notes and Ravi sir's YouTube videos and started practicing. Practiced questions in notes and GATE previous year papers in parallel. Used to rectify my mistakes in questions and used to prepare short notes on some mistakes and used to rectify some concept misperceptions that I had. Finally tried to get the flow of concepts and approaches so that I can solve any kind of question. For getting this flow I have even tried to learn the concept misperceptions and improve the application of approaches and learn the approaches from the questions (especially GATE questions).Every question can make you learn something. Every failure will teach you the lessons of life. Learn from the mistakes of questions. I used to play a mind game daily with the things I need to revise daily like operator precedence table,decidability table,closure properties table,..... which we need to remember while solving questions. I used to think solving questions like solving some challenge made it interesting. I used to think watching videos in login initially and later in youtube as watching movies. Took it as a challenge in getting the correct flow of concepts and many approaches. I was unable to perform well in the ISRO exam in January and thought of it for 3 days. Later my friend told me to focus on GATE as it will open many doors. In that last moment I revised the most scoring topics,my mistakes and flow of concepts and approaches practiced the required things. Thought of writing Aptitude,2 marks questions and finally 1 mark questions. In GATE 2020 exam 2 marks questions are lengthy. I have attempted only Aptitude and 4 lengthy 2 marks questions and around 1 hr 10 minutes got completed. Later I have started 1 mark questions. In the first 90 minutes I have attempted only 30-33 marks. I have only 90 minutes for another paper to get tension. At that time I told my mind that just take a risk, give a big shot whatever happens, let it happen. If you didn't get a good score in GATE 2020 then go to NIT Trichy with GATE 2019 rank. Then again started writing the exam with a fresh,cool and aggressive mind. For every question I used to see the question think of the shortest method for that question and proceed in that method. If the question is lengthy I have skipped that. For every question I have made, decide whether to skip or do that question if I want to do in which way I need to do. I have written the exam in an aggressive and accurate way without any fear. Finally I have attempted for 85 marks around 33 marks in first half+52 marks in second half. I have got 73 marks and got AIR 70 rank in GATE 2020. Applied for BIS Scientist B with GATE 2020 and revised some things in the project,Little work experience and GATE subjects for interview got BIS Scientist B.
    This is my journey.
    Chaitanya KVNL
  • Gaurav Gupta
    ECIL Graduate Engineer Trainee 2020
    I, Gaurav Gupta, have got selected in ECIL as a graduate engineer trainee. I would like to thank the solutions adda team ( specially Anand Sir) for providing an excellent test series and interview guidance programme which helped me a lot. I highly recommend solutions adda test series as questions are relevant for respective exams and well structured.
    Gaurav Gupta
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 69.33
    My Name is Surender Chauhan, I have qualified JRF 2020 Exam.I feel glad to share my goal seeking experience with staging.solutionsadda.in This website has provided me numerous question banks for various subjects during my preparation. It has also provided me year wise support material for tremendous practice.
  • Abhinav Dahiya
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 69.33
    Thank you solutionsadda team
    Abhinav Dahiya
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 68.66
    My name is Seema . I have completed mtech in software engg. In 2012 . I have Qualified NET and JRF in computer science with 68.66%. I follow solutions adda for practice . Thanks solutions adda team to provide good material for their efforts.
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 67.33
    I left my job 7 years back to raise my kid. My dream was to clear UGC NET and JRF. I had to do a fresh start, but I had forgotten many things I was taught during my MSc Computer Science syllabus. I managed to score only 48% in the 2019 June UGC NET examination. I had gone through the GATE Lectures by Ravindra Sir’s youtube channel and subscribed to GATE lectures, which was the turning point in my life. The videos were very well explained, which made my basics clear in most of the topics. I had subscribed to Solutions Adda Test Series and it was very helpful to ameliorate my concepts. Because of the lectures by Ravindra Sir and Mock Test Series by Solution Adda, I cleared UGC NET JRF (67.33% ) and was able to reboot my career. Thank you Ravindra Sir and the Solution Adda Team.
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 66.66
    Firstly I want to give big thanks to Solutions Adda to have this achievement in my life, I’m Minaskhi Shukla from Rewa (M.P.), Recently I have qualified NET JRF with 66.6% for June 2020, before this I tried for it 2 times but unfortunately with very less margin away to touch boundary of Selection for JRF, Since watching the video of Ravindra sir I did learn a lot not only for syllabus knowledge but also about strategy to crack such a difficult exam.
    Solutions Adda is a really amazing place from where I practiced for papers through Questions bank and Test Series and got the best ideas to crack the exam.
    Thanks again.
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020 Percentage: 66 NTA NET has been declared and i have qualified JRF this time. To practice previous year papers i followed solutions adda website. I bought Solutions adda UGC NET test series and it helped in learning many new concepts. Last time i qualified UGC NET(Lectureship) but failed to qualify JRF. This time with the proper guidance of Solutions adda team i qualified JRF. Thankyou so much Solutions adda team for helping me and many other aspiring candidates.
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 64.66
    I am Alphonsa Johny. I have qualified the UGC-NET June 2020 (Computer Science & Applications, Qualified for JRF & Assistant Professorship). I am an ardent follower of Solutions Adda. The lectures on Theory of Computation by Ravindrababu Ravula Sir is very helpful. Solved previous year question papers provided in the site is a very good reference material. Rather than simply providing the correct options, Solutions Adda provides a detailed explanation for each and every question. It’s very helpful for getting conceptual clarity. I am extremely thankful for the entire Solutionsadda team. Thank you!
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 63.33
    I cleared the UGC net along with jrf June 2020. I had a 5 yrs gap since my last job but solutions adda helps me a lot as I practiced previous year questions from the site. Also it has subject wise questions both for gate and net. I didn't enroll for any mock but it helps me a lot since all questions available at one place have a great explanation. Thanks solution adda I found it when I need it the most.
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 63.33
    Ravula sir has been my inspiration since my master's. Solutions adda helped me in analyzing my weak points and improving on the same. Thanks a lot Ravula sir and your team. You are doing a great job.
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 63.33
    Hi!!. I started preparing when I was in my MCA last year. From the very first attempt, I just kept my revision and practice consistently and I always made notes when I studied which helped me a lot. I had a strict timetable which I followed without any excuses whether I am well or unwell. I used to have around 8 hours of coaching and still, I used to manage to do self-study. I used to keep revising notes whenever there are free time and practice questions when I get bored. That's what really helped me and I cleared NET in my very first attempt. In the next attempt I aimed for JRF and I started to revise advanced topics as I have already gone through the basic topics in the first attempt.
    I have not aimed for the whole syllabus. I just picked 8 units from paper 2 and aimed for 35 questions in paper 1. I had referred to standard books for theory but for particular topics that the examiner asks in the NET exam. I did these 8 units thoroughly and did many quizzes and tests from websites like solution adda. I did extra subject questions from solution adda only and in the last two weeks, I did only test series. Your marks in the test series will tell you your level and will also tell you how much you are going to score in the final exam.
    I believe everyone possesses intelligence, you just need to explore it. And at last, HARD WORK and consistency is the mantra which helped me a lot in exams and will also help me in the future exams that I face.
    All the best!!!!!
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 63.33
    l qualified JRF and NET, June 2020. Thanks to the solution adda team. Your content and practice papers have really helped me a lot to clear the exam.
  • Qawsar Gulzar
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    I'm thankful to Solutions Adda team for their efforts they put in to devise the test series for UGC NET-JRF Computer Science aspirants.Honestly speaking it's only because of their test series which was organised in subject wise manner that created the difference in qualifying my NET -JRF June 2020 exams this year."Thanks a lot Solutions Adda team"!.
    Qawsar Gulzar
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 61.33
    I , Kumar Anukool, am qualified for JRF in my first attempt. Thanks to the Solutions Adda team for their amazing collection of resources. These resources are helpful to any aspirant preparing for exams concerned with computer science.They have wonderful test series. I have been visiting them for months and will visit in future also. I will recommend solutions adda to every aspirant. Best of luck to all of you.
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 61.33
    Thank you solutions adda team
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 60
    I have cleared the NTA NET JRF nov 2020 exam and i would highly recommend solution adda. Thank U so much for providing us such a good practices question and Test series.
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 60
    I am really grateful to the entire Solutions Adda team for maintaining your website so well. It helped me a lot to see the various important topics and prepare accordingly for UGC NET. I have cracked the UGC-NET JRF and Assistant Professor in the first attempt itself while appearing for PG.
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 59.33
    I, Surbhi Gupta qualified NET JRF (computer science)in june 2020 exam. Thank you so much Solution Adda for providing us with the best test series for both paper 1 and Paper 2 and also for providing great explanations. This website also helped me with previous year papers of NET, GATE and PhD entrances. I qualified NET two times and finally JRF this time. In between I qualified GATE 2020.I also qualified JNU PhD entrance.
    I'm suggesting NET,gate,phd students to take a test series of solution Adda for the great result.
    Thanks and regards to Solution Adda team
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 58.33
    In my preparation for UGC NET 2020, the test series and previous year question papers set provided here helped me a lot and the precise discussion beside correct solutions also helped me in my concepts clarity and boosted up my confidence and I cleared UGC NET JRF 2020 in my first attempt while pursuing my master's.
  • Mona Chary Kammari
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 58
    Solutionsadda is a good platform to get computer science previous year papers. It is well designed and the test series questions are awesome. This is really one stop solution for computer science.
    Thank you so much for solutions adda team and all the best for future aspirants.
    Mona Chary Kammari
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Solutionsadda.in gave me enough confidence to crack UGC-NET/JRF.
    It provides detailed analysis to prepare for any competitive exam which reduces the effort of aspirants and gives an edge to preparation. It's the best platform for self-study.
  • Pappala Mohan Rao
    NTA UGC-NET-JRF June 2020
    Percentage: 47.33
    I would like to thank the entire team of solutions adda. They really gave their best for the computer science platform. The test series and arranging the subject wise questions is well mannered. The quality of questions and notifications are really awesome. I would like to suggest everyone take their test series and follow regularly.
    Pappala Mohan Rao
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Thank you solutions adda team
  • Sakshini Hngloo
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    This year I cleared my NTA NET and can't thank the solutions adda team enough. This won't have been possible without the very well designed question bank and the test series.
    Sakshini Hngloo
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 60
    I'm Arshi Husain. I have qualified for NET JUNE 2020 . I'm thankful to the whole team of solutions adda.
    I purchased their test series which was immensely helpful for improving my speed and they also provide previous year questions for free organised subject wise and year wise which is more than enough. I missed the jrf cutoff by just a small margin. I recommend every CS student preparing for NET exam to take their test series in which they provide plenty of good quality questions.
  • Monika Bansal
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 60
    I qualified UGC NET June 2020. I followed your website for previous year papers both year wise and subject wise. This helped me a lot in clearing my exam. Thanks for providing content.
    Monika Bansal
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 59.33
    I am a big fan of Ravindra sir, Whose way of teaching impressed me to enter into the competitive world of Computer Science. I have written UGC NET Dec 2019 and secured 54.67%(cleared Assistant Professor) this time I have taken the Test Series from Solutions Adda which helped to improve my accuracy in paper-2. I owe my success to Solutions Adda and Ravindra sir. This time I secured 58.67%(178 marks) again cleared Assistant Professor only, looking forward to clearing JRF in the coming attempt. Best part is the test series is well designed and organized for paper-2. Finally I want to thank Ravindra Sir & Solutions Adda & Team.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    I have qualified NTA NET JUNE 2020 in Computer Applications. I am extremely grateful to Ravi Sir for making even the toughest concepts easy to learn. I want to thank the Solutionsadda team for their genuine concerns for aspirants like us by making almost everything needed to practice for NET easily available and free of cost too!
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 56.66
    “I am vibhuti kumari m.tech (cst) from central university of Punjab.The lectures are immensely helpful and make you understand the concepts clearly.The lectures have helped me a lot to clear the doubts that always existed in some topics. Solutionsadda is a very good platform for those who are preparing for UGC NET.For this I want to convey my gratitude to Ravindra Sir….Thank you so much Sir”
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 56.66
    I thank Solutions Adda for helping to qualify the NET. Although I didn't give test-series much. But it was quite helpful and especially previous year's questions available on the Solutions Adda website.
  • Navjot Kaur
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    I qualified UGC Net with pretty good marks.Thank-you so much Ravindra babu and Anand sir for the awesome test series, it helped me a lot throughout my preparation journey. Test series is a very good package of quality questions, very well explained and most important it covers the whole syllabus. I really recommend this test series.
    Navjot Kaur
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 56
    Thank you sir for believing in me and giving me the confidence so that i can clear the exam in my 1st attempt. This is a huge achievement for me because I have done it without any coaching. I have trusted only the test series provided by Ravindra sir. Thank you again because for you we, the students can dream of cracking any exam. Thank you for the guidance sir.
  • Ankit Bishnoi
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 56
    Sir I have cleared UGC NET JUNE 2020 by watching Ravinder Sir video lecture for Gate CSE and I have done all my practice from staging.solutionsadda.in best website for CSE students for all exams. I got 168 marks in General category and now I am preparing for JRF.
    Ankit Bishnoi
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 56
    Thank you Solutionsadda for your immense help and support. The Previous year questions and the test series really helped me a lot in my preparations for UGC NET. I was able to cover all the important topics and practice made it possible to work on my speed and confidence a lot. I’ll suggest everyone looking into this if you need to qualify for the UGC NET exam.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 56
    My name is Yasir Altaf I have received masters in computer applications from university of kashmir in 2019. I qualified UGC NET four times in four consecutive attempts form Dec-2018 to JUNE-2020. I cleared my first attempt in DEC-2018 when I was studying in 4th semester of my master degree. I found solutionsadda very useful and best for my exam preparation and practice. Thank you solutionsadda and their team for your excellent and outstanding work.
  • HARI M
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 56
    My name is Hari M. I am intimating with great pleasure that I have cleared the UGC NET Exam June 2020. I solved the previous year’s question papers of NET provided by staging.solutionsadda.in for free. This helped me to crack UGC NET December 2020.
    HARI M
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 55.33
    I'm Very thankful to the entire Solutionsadda team..Solutionsadda provides all types of questions and Excellent Solutions that is for sure expected for any type of competition related to Cs/IT.They also provide very awesome test series that helped me alot to Crack the NET... Thank you to all....
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Thank you solutions add team
  • Aayushi Jain
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 55.33
    Thank you solutions adda team
    Aayushi Jain
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 54.66
    Thank you solutions adda team.
  • Harsh kumar Singh
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 54.66
    Solutionsadda has been a mentor that prepares us for the worst case scenario. The question quality in the provided test series are quite brilliant and test our knowledge to the core. Their guidance was a supporting factor to my qualifying Assistant Professor with 54.67 marks. I am highly Thankful to the team and its efforts.
    Harsh kumar Singh
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 54.66
    Thank you solutions adda team
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 54.66
    I, Priyanka cleared ugc net this year, solution adda helped me a lot to clear my doubts, providing previous years questions. Their test series are very structured and played a vital role to crack the net exam. thanks solutions adda for your support.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 54
    Ravindra Sir is a great teacher. The way he teaches is really nice. I made notes from the video lectures. Notes from Ravindra sir video is very helpful to clear any doubt about any topic and to revise as well. Thank you sir for your way of teaching and constant motivation and encouragement. "Solutionsadda.in" is really a very good website to practice questions and to attempt test series. It helped me a lot to clear the UGC NET exam. Thank you for providing such a nice collection of previous year's questions in one place.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 58.33
    Heartfelt thanks to solution adda HEAD and Teammates, for helping me to crack the UGC_ NET_2020 exam. I found year wise UGC_Net Questions with solved Solutions and found topic wise questions for individual wise preparation, and surprised when I got question subject’s topic wise. And also I got GATE questions on this same website , much more helpful to practice regularly. I was amazed and it was very useful for preparing paper 1 also, such a good site for NET Exam Preparation. Thank you Solution adda website for your valuable and endless effort. And my wish is kindly support like this and ever to my upcoming Net exam Friends. And once again THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE. ALL THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR BOUNDLESS EFFORT.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    I registered for Paper 1 alone. The test window is really great, and the collections of questions and answers in the solutions adda site are also really good.
  • P Sasibhushana Rao
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 52.66
    Thank you solutions adda team
    P Sasibhushana Rao
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 52
    I, Abinash Mishra have qualified UGC NTA NET 2018, 2020 while persuing my Ph.D. I would like to thank both the founder (Rabindrababu Ravula, and Nemalikanti Anand) for providing well structured test series and previous year questions which gives me a right and proper direction towards achieving the same. I highly recommend the solution adda test series for future aspirants to succeed.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 52
    My name is Vaishali Shakhapure, I am from Solapur, Maharashtra.
    First of all thank you for your test series and more than that website which is just dedicated for Computer Science student and previous year question papers Solutions it helped me a lot during preparation. After completion of my master’s (ME) I just stopped my study because of family responsibilities, but regularly followed Ravindrababu Ravula’s channel there I got the idea about the NET exam then I decided to start preparing in june, I solved all previous years question papers from Solutions adda and followed channel for basics to clear and test series.
    Thanks a lot for such efforts, I don’t have words to express my gratitude, thank you so much.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 51.33
    I, Blessy Thomas cracked UGC NET Computer science, with the help of solutions adda. I had solved all the subject wise mcqs from solutions adda.. Which helped me to solve all the repeating questions at the time of exam.Here we were able to find out a mixture of questions that had been asked at different computer science exams by solving all those problems we were able to cover the entire syllabus. It is the best place for computer science aspirants, I'm always thankful towards the entire solutions adda team.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 50
    I am really thankful to you. As you are doing great work. Providing solutions at a single platform of different exams. Computer Science students are lucky to have such a great platform to practice.
    UGC- NET exam is all about practice and speed if you have read and understood the concept well.
    I wish you all the best.
    I am thankful for your kind support in helping students.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 49.33
    I ,SAKTHIVEL C, have creaked the UGC-NET JUNE-2020(computer science and applications). solutions adda helps and supports me .Not only UGC-NET They supported me to cracked PG TRB-COMPUTER INSTRUCTOR(Tamilnadu) last year. Solutions adda's old question paper and their explanation shaped me lot...... thanks...."SOLUTIONS ADDA"
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 49.33
    Thanks for your constant support the test series helped me a lot in time management and I want to thank your modest email support as well.The work you guys are doing is incredible your advice, providing a study time schedule, previous year solutions, analysis, recruitment & exam updates, and thanks a ton for Ravi sir for inspiring me more to do in this field (his general top videos are so inspiring) as I lost my hopes at very earlier stages it was only Ravindra Sir who restored the same.
  • Rina yadav
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 49.33
    Thank you solutions adda team.
    Rina yadav
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    I Manish kumar would like to thank Solutions Adda .Specially Ravi sir for Providing such a wonderful site for the student of Computer Science.Solutions adda is a very helpful site for the students who are preparing for Net/ Gate.The chapter wise questions and more important well solutions that are available here helped me a lot during the time of my preparation.Thank you Solutions Adda once again.
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Thank you solutions adda team.
  • Katti surendra
    NTA UGC-NET June 2020
    Percentage: 47.33
    Solutionsadda has changed my life. It helped me a lot when I was preparing for the NET exam.
    I would like to thank the entire team of solutions adda.
    Katti surendra
  • Neelima Goyal
    Percentile: 99.9
    I am Neelima Agarwal. Jrf qualified in computer science(dec 19) exam. I have 10 years of IT industry experience (IBM and Accenture). After the birth of my daughter, I quit my job to take care of her. In the meantime i completed M.Tech. After that i tried for NET exam during the last semester of my M.Tech but missed it by 0.6 percent in June-19 exam. Then again i tried it in Dec-19 and qualified the exam. I am thinking of joining this field so that I can balance my work and personal life and also it will give me immense satisfaction. I studied 2-3 hours a day from various online materials. The study material provided by Solution adda is unique. I practised previous year question papers from this site, which helped me to increase my speed and accuracy. I raised many queries for some issues and got instant response from the site.
    Neelima Goyal
  • Yogesh Kushwah
    Percentile: 99.96
    I solved the previous year's questions of NET and GATE provided by staging.solutionsadda.in for free. This helped me to crack JRF. The best part of this website is that every question is tagged with its topic and year so you can arrange the questions accordingly as per my choice.
    Yogesh Kushwah
  • Golak Bihari Dhal
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
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    Percentile: 99.97
    Solutionsadda.in website helped me to crack JRF this time. Website is really awesome, informative and fully planned. I took free test before going to exam and felt UGC-NET exam is easier than free test.
    Golak Bihari Dhal
  • G R ANIL
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    I would like to thank the entire team of staging.solutionsadda.in. They gave all previous year questions free of cost and with good explanation. I registered for test series and it really helped me a lot. They covered all concepts in UGC-NET syllabus and given both numerical and theoretical questions in each topic. Thanks to the entire team of staging.solutionsadda.in once again.
    G R ANIL
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentage: 60.67
    Percentile: 99.6830871
    Solutinsadda is a place where one can find quality content with detailed solutions to problems of various competitive exams in computer science. Detailed analysis of previous test papers,  concept wise sorted questions to help candidates learn more about the topic, gives an advantage over others for quick and effective preparation.
  • Srishti Sharma
    Percentile: 99.911
    The lectures are immensely helpful and make you understand the concepts clearly. The lectures have helped me a lot to clear the doubts that always existed in some topics. More precisely to be said, gives a clear understanding of the subject. It helped me a lot to clear UGC NET JRF Exam.
    Srishti Sharma
    Percentile: 99.8879914
    I am Mohsin Furkh (JRF holder Dec 2019). I would like to express my gratitude for being one of the users of Solutions Adda. I had already qualified NET LS 2 times but every time I missed JRF cutoff by just a small margin. What I was searching is enough questions and that too topic wise and subject wise for practice. I'm so thankful for the question bank provided by the team Solutions Adda. I have no doubt it was their help that made the difference. I recommend every computer science student preparing for the NTA NET exam to practice on this website to all those who dream JRF and NET in computer science and applications.
  • Jyoti Devi
    Percentile: 99.88
    My name is jyoti Devi. I have cleared Dec 2019 JRF. I have started my preparation before three months but seriously I was committed in last month. In November I had studied around 14 to 15 hrs on a daily basis. Every day I was giving 2 to 3 test subject wise and full test. For this preparation I had to buy ugc test series from solution adda. This was scheduled in November month and from this effort I got 60 % marks in ugc net Dec 2019 and I able to crack jrf. I am sincerely thankful to solution adda team for providing valuable content which is same as asked in Ugc net exam.
    Jyoti Devi
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    Mohit Kataria
  • Siddhanta Behera
    Percentile: 99.57
    solution adda is a very good platform for those who are preparing for UGC NET. The previous year questions as well as test series are very helpful. Last time I cleared only assistant professor, but this time I got JRF. For this I want to convey my gratitude to Ravindra sir.
    Siddhanta Behera
    Percentile: 91.16
    I am belong to LINGUISTICS department but tried many to crack JRF but cleared two times NET but not JRF because I am unable to get good in Paper-1. I seen many websites those websites have tonnes of advertisements and user interface is not good. But in solutionsadda, the pleasant interface with structured design without any ads helped me to focus more and spend more time. Moreover they gave everything for free of cost. Their Paper-1 test series questions are awesome. I registered for Paper-1 and get good percentile in paper-1 also. Thanks to solutionsdda to make such a good website and test series.
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    "Solutionsadda helped me a lot in my UGC net preparation. The previous year questions and answer provided on the site is very useful for serious aspirants. I suggest everyone to look into this if you need to qualify for the UGC net exam".
    Sandeep Nithyanandan
  • Ashima Tyagi
    My dream of clearing UGC NET came true only because of Ravindrababu Sir. I am so lucky that I came across with his videos. I was never able to understand some subjects like TOC and Algorithms but now i find them so easy just because he makes every topic interesting and it takes a few minutes to understand anything he teaches and earlier I used to spend hours in one topic. The way he teaches is the best. And the most important thing is that he always gives many examples and questions that has helped a lot. The test series too proved to be very helpful.
    Ashima Tyagi
  • Priyanka Sharma
    Thank you Solutionsadda for your help and support. I had bought your test series which really helped me ace my preparations for UGC-Net. I was able to cover all the important topics and practice made it possible to work on my speed and confidence a lot.
    Priyanka Sharma
  • Neha Kaushik
    UGC-NET DECEMBER-2019 Percentile:99.57 Thank you Anand sir for always helping me and motivating me. Thank you for providing solutions and best explanation of all UGC-NET previous papers. It really helped me a lot in my preparation. Previous year papers helped me in understanding the pattern of questions that has been asked in past years and the test series helped me in preparing the questions that might be asked in future. Thank you so much sir.
    Neha Kaushik
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    Harpreet Kaur
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    "MCQ Solving is very much important to crack an exam like UGC NET. I am Priyanka Chatterjee, Qualified as assistant Professor through UGC NET(Dec 2019). If you are from Computer Science Department and preparing for UGC NET, then Solution Adda is the perfect place for you. Here you can solve so many questions. I am thankful to Solution Adda for the TEST SERIES. The Mock test helped me a lot to crack the exam. Thanks to Solution Adda team for making Mock test."
    Priyanka Chatterjee
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    "Solutions Adda is the best thing that could ever happen for all CS aspirants. This is one stop solution for GATE, NET, NIELIT etc. aspirants. I come from a place where we don't get to know the key topics which are important for these exams even after completing masters as we only prepare for the university exams and train for that much only, which is mostly irrelevant for competitive exams. My suggestion for all, go for RBR Sir's course where you'll definitely know more than you did. The missing links of understanding gets linked here. Thank you Gabbar(RBR Anna),Mr. Anand and the whole solutions adda team for everything. This result of mine includes all of your contributions."
    Thank you for your support to crack NET exam.
    Percentile: 97.27
    Solutionsadda is good platform to get computer science previous year papers. It is well designed and the test series questions are awesome. This is really one stop solution for computer science. Thanks you so much for solutionsadda team and all the best for future aspirants.
  • Ambati Rami Reddy
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    I would like to thank solutionadda for helping me to crack NTA-NET 2019. My special thanks to Anand sir to clarify my technical doubts without any hesitation . I got a good score in technical paper because of test series and all NET question papers with solutions available in solutionadda. Finally ALL THE best for future aspirants, please refer solutionsadda to crack the NET.
    Ambati Rami Reddy
  • N.Srilatha
    I am very much thankful for the staging.solutionsadda.in team for providing UGC-previous question papers with solutions along with an explanation as well as awesome test series which helped me to qualify UGC-NTA 2019. I qualified Assistant Professor, this is possible with the help of staging.solutionsadda.in only. They covered all concepts in the UGC-NET syllabus and given both numerical and theoretical questions in each topic. Thanks to the entire team of staging.solutionsadda.in once again.
  • Dakshi Sharma
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    Thank you for your support to crack NET exam.
    Dakshi Sharma
  • Mrinalini Mahato
    Percentile: 94.47
    Thank you very much for providing us mock test series and PYQ. Really It's very helpful for us. And whenever I have queries, always your team has given their best to sort out the problem. This website has Very hardworking staff, that's why we get the unique and critical questions. Whenever I have given the mock test that time I really enjoyed it for solving the quality questions. Once again thank you so much all team
    Mrinalini Mahato
    My self Karamala naveen who qualified NET four times.actually am not in position to buy all prescribed text books and test papers to study in that situation SOLUTIONS ADDA helped me a lot. it provided a lot of previous questions and paper analysis.i will refer this not only for NET but also for ISRO, GATE, APSET and all other competitive and research entrance exam. Thank you solutions adda and i am your "EKALAVYA STUDENT".
    I am really thankful to solutionadda for providing subject-wise and year-wise PYQ. My special thanks to test series team. The standard of these questions are really meets the NTA standards and some of the questions are beyond the NTA standards also.
    Percentile: 93.5
    Thanks for your support and help.
  • Chiranjit Pal
    Percentile: 98.80
    Respected Ravindra Sir I am a big fan of You and your teaching style.Sir I have qualified lectureship in UGC net in computer science. I got confident in automata, DBMS, compiler design after watching your videos. You are a role model for me and for those who want to achieve something in their life. Thank you so much sir.. You always remain inspiration for me
    Chiranjit Pal
  • Manoranjan
    Percentile: 92.49
    Those who want to crack any computer science exam blindly follow one stop solution. Solutionsadda has given explanations better than competitive books and all the content is free of cost. They are given tags for every question. It is really awesome to learn difficult topics. They analysed every question and made test series accordingly. Thank you so much for such a great website.
    Percentile: 94.94
    I am studying in “LINGUISTICS” department and preparing for NET exam. My friend suggested solutionsadda website for Paper-1 preparation. Really it is an awesome website for JRF/NET aspirants. I know about this only one week before the exam so I registered for paper-1 free test. It is really good and they are clearing all my doubts with in 24 hours. Their team is really good and they will call when we wanted to discuss queries. Thanks to solutionsadda and entire team.
  • Subna Rehna
    Percentage: 48%
    I cleared NET with 48%. thank you so much solutionsadda. You really helped me a lot. I followed your lectures on YouTube, especially compiler design. Once again thanks a lot.
    Subna Rehna
  • Y. Ashok
    Percentile: 92.4997307
    Thank you so much solutionsadda and team. I tried many times to clear UGC-NET but unable to clear due to lack of good source and test series. But solutionsadda made it so easy to clear NET. They are giving test series questions by own and according to UGC-NET analysis. My suggestion to all aspirants is to “Take test series and practice previous year questions to crack JRF/NET”. Once again my sincere thanks to solutionsadda team.
    Y. Ashok
  • Harsh Kumar Singh
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
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    Percentile: 99.08
    "SolutionsAdda has provided me with great help in clearing the net exam. The mock tests of SolutionsAdda were of the same or above the difficulty level compared to the actual Paper which was the reason I was able to tackle some difficult questions during the exam.The team also provided the answer keys just a day after the exam which was also helpful for self-evaluation and giving an insight to what would the expected result be.I would highly recommend SolutionsAdda to people who want to qualify for UGC-NET"
    Harsh Kumar Singh
  • Satyam Raha
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentile: 98.4
    "I have cleared UGC NET JUNE 2019 (CS) with 98.4 percentile. I am already a big fan of Ravula sir. He and his team has always been an inspiration to me. Solutionsadda has helped me judge myself before UGC NET exam. It is very helpful as lots of tools are integrated to analyze my performance in the tests of the test series. Hoping to crack JRF next time. You are doing a great job. "
    Satyam Raha
  • Siddhanta Behera
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentage: 54
    Percentile: 97.721
    I am Siddhanta Behera completed Mca from Utkal university , Odisha in the year 2018. I was preparing for Ugc net computer sc , during that time Ravindra sir classes as well as question bank and test series helped me a lot to achieve my dream.Finally I cleared Ugc net June-2019 . I thanks to Ravindra sir from bottom of my heart.
    Siddhanta Behera
  • Andleeb Zuhra
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentage is 50.67   
    Percentile Score is 95.2206739  
    "https://solutionsadda.in/ website helped me a lot while preparing for GATE and NET exams. Ravindra Babu sir video lectures and this website is all you need to prepare for any CS engineering competitive exam. The up-to-date content on the website plus the motivational videos on Ravindra sir YouTube channel always keeps you motivated."
    Andleeb Zuhra
  • Subhayya A S
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentage: 52.00
    Percentile: 96.3601622
    I did prepare two months sincerely for the december 2018 ugc net exam. But i could not do the same for this june 2019 exam since i was in abu dhabi for a visit to my husband place. I was a subscriber to ravibdrababu ravula sir's channel on youtube and suddenly one day he did a video about this website called solutionsadda and i noticed it and bookmarked the same.I just reached home on june 14th and didn't have enough time to revise through my notes or study new topics. So i did go through a few previous year questions(subject wise section) of solutionsadda.It was very helpful since they provide subject wise questions and i choose a number of subjects which were easy for me. I choose algorithms, software engineer, os, dbms , ip address section of cn and data structure. I shouldn't have cleared net this time if solutions adda wasn't there.. I know i scored very low. But for 10days preparation this score is huge for me.. I owe my success to allah almighty, my family , ravindrababu ravula sir and solutuonsadda for this success and I will make it to jrf, next December for sure. Inshallah..thankyou
    Subhayya A S
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentile: 90.02
    I am intimating with great pleasure that I have qualified UGC NET 2019 june Assistant Professor .I am heartily thankful to the staging.solutionsadda.in that because of my busy schedule I referred to your site for the UGC NET PAPER FIRST .I did mock from your site and i found it very helpful in my UGC -NET exam Paper first . Thank you staging.solutionsadda.in team members.
  • Karamala Naveen
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentage: 48
    Percentile: 91.73
    Solutions adda is a good resource for practicing different types of questions. It contains UGC NET previous questions , ISRO questions and so many. It helps me a lot to qualify NTA NET Assistant professor.
    Karamala Naveen
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentage: 47.33
    Percentile: 90.60
    "Subject wise and exam wise Great support for CSE students,one stop solution for all the exams related to Computer Science"
  • S.DeviDas
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
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    I never seen before like staging.solutionsadda.in website. They are given all previous year GATE,UGC-NET and many exams explanations free of cost. It is really awesome for aspirants. No need to buy any competitive books for these exams. This website is enough to crack all exams. I registered for the test series, they are given awesome questions and those questions are really testing me and shown my regular mistakes. The test series amount also very reasonable. Thanks for your entire team. Keep continue to help aspirants like me.
  • Sandeep Nithyanandan
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentage: 60.4%
    Thank you solutionsadda and their team.
    Sandeep Nithyanandan
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Percentage: 56.00
    Percentile: 98.6671016
  • Vandana Bharti
    UGC-NET JUNE-2019
    Thank you so much sir for your test series. Because of the test series I qualified NTA NET assistant professor june 2019
    Vandana Bharti
    Percentile: 93.34
    Solutionsadda is really one stop solutions for Computer Science students. They are given detailed explanations along with analysis for free of cost. They are test series questions are really awesome. They will answer any question with in 24 hours of time and most of the times they call us will explain concept. I recommend everyone blindly follow solutionsadda to crack any exam in computer science domain. Thanks to Anand sir and his entire team of solutionsadda.
    Percentile: 98.5
    Soultionsadda helped me a lot to qualify UGC NET JRF (98.5 percentile) . It provides very good concise analysis of each subject as well as practice questions. This website has been extremely valuable to me as throughout my preparation. I am so thankful to solutionsadda for providing valuable content. I have learned so much from this site that I could put into practice for other competitive exams as well. Learning from solutionsadda is very interesting and valuable experience for me.

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