Database Management System
Easy Medium Difficult
2019 DEC 1. Query optimizer 1. B-Tree

2. SQL-Count(*)

3. ER-Diagram

4. Natural Join

5. Cloud computing

6. Normal Forms(5)

1. Order of schema
2019 JUNE 1. Keys

2. Hadoop tools

3. Relational query language

4. Relational algebra

5. Association with multiplicities

6. Git(Distributed Version Control System)

1. DML


3. Referential Integrity

1. Hadoop Functions
2018  DEC 1.DW basics

2.Data Scrubbing

3.Clustering index

4.SQL command(DROP)

5.Software stack(cloud)

1.SQL query(GROUP BY)

2.Finding of candidate keys

3.Attribute number of spaces

4.Hadoop cluster(facebook),Hadoop streaming

5.Transaction management(redo log record)

2018  JULY 1.join basics

2.Hierarchical database, a hashing function

3.E-R Model

1.SQL query on COUNT(*)

2.Transactions management-conflict serializable

3.Normal Forms

4.Primary key attribute of relation

5.DBMS Miscellaneous

6.Relational Database anomalies

7.Hash table using closed hashing