Data structures and Algorithms
Easy Medium Difficult
2019 DEC 1. MST 1. Priority queue

2. Recurrence relation

3. Dijkstra’s algorithm

1. Dynamic Programming
2019 JUNE 1. DFS

2. Sorting

1. Time Complexities

2. Greedy/Dynamic Programming

3. Sorting

1. Hashing

2. NP Complete

2018  DEC 1.Time complexity(BFS,DFS, Depth- Limited Search,Iterative deepening Search)

2.Postfix expression

3. Graph algorithm complexities

4.second smallest element no.of comparisons

1.loop invariant recurrence

2.Ternary tree, internal nods


4.BST insertion

5.singly linked list

6.Max heap array order

7.Recurrence relation


2018  JULY 1.Recurrence relation

2.Single-source shortest paths

3.algorithm paradigms(DP,DC,Greedy,Backtracking)

4.Boolean function of ‘n’ variables

1.Build Heap

2.Hash function linear probing

3.Optimal coding

4.binary search tree

5.radix sort

6.5-ary tree internal nodes