System Software and Operating system
Easy Medium Difficult
2019 DEC 1.JVM

2. Process states

3. IPC

4. Counting Semaphore

5. CPU scheduling Basics

6. System calls

1. Round Robin CPU scheduling

2. Deadlock avoidance

3. TLB

1. Assembly Code
2019 JUNE 1. Basics

2. Semaphore

3. Disc Scheduling

4. Virtual Memory

5. Threads

1. Deadlock

2. Disc Scheduling(SSTF)

3. CPU Scheduling(SRTF)

4. Unix commands with pipes

1. Page Replacement(LRU & Optimal)
2018  DEC 1.Windows XP basics

2.Linux command(lpr)


4.Queues(process states)


2.Readers-Writers problem

3.Mutual Exclusion(critical section)

4.Disk scheduling

5.FIFO Page Replacement Algorithm

6.Round-Robin Scheduling Algorithm

2018  JULY 1.Fragmentation

2.Page Table

3.LRU page replacement algorithm

4.context switching in scheduling

1.Counting semaphore

2.Average Access time(Cache)

3.CPU with memory mapped I/O

4.UNIX/Linux command

5.Preemptive SJF scheduling

1.Arrival pattern is a poisson distribution