Theory of Computation and Compilers
Easy Medium Difficult
2019 DEC 1. Chomsky normal forms

2. Regular Language

1. CFG(2)

2. Ambiguous language

3. Turing Machine

4. Regular language

5. Equivalent Grammars

1. Homomorphism

2. Post-correspondence solution

2019 JUNE 1. Constant Folding

2. Symbol Table

3. SR Parser

1. TM

2. Closure Properties

3. Regular Expression(2)

4. Three Address code

1. Turing Machine

2. CFL

3. Regular Expressions

2018  DEC 1.Context free closure properties 1.Regular language or not

2.Number of substrings

3.CFG or not

4.FA,CFL,TM undecidable problems

5.Regular expressions

6.Minimum no. of states of finite automaton

7.Decidable for recursive language

8.LR(1) and LL(1)

9.Ambiguous grammar

2018  JULY 1.FSM equivalent string

2.PDA basics

3.PDA recognize language

4.Chomsky normal form grammar

5.CSL basics

6.CSL grammar

7.bottom-up parser generates

1.Finite state machine diagram-String

2.CFG ambiguous checking

3.TM decidability